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Non-Surgical Treatment

Patient with nice clean teeth and gums Westwood PeriodonticsPeriodontal disease is a prevalent yet often preventable oral health concern, one which requires prompt and effective treatment. At Westwood Periodontics we specialize in both surgical and non-surgical treatments to combat this condition, with one of the most common being scaling and root planing.

Scaling and root planing is a simple and minimally-invasive way to get a patient’s periodontal tissues back on track. And while some general dentists offer this type of treatment, it’s best to see a specialist.

Why is it best to see a periodontist for a deep cleaning?

Scaling and root planing is a meticulous cleaning process designed to treat gum disease in its early to moderate stages. This procedure is often referred to as a 'deep cleaning' and is markedly different from the routine cleaning you might receive during a regular dental check-up.

For this reason, a board-certified periodontist like Dr. Gupta is always going to be the best choice for a deep cleaning.

The Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

The process involves two main steps, which as you can probably guess by now are:

Step 1: Scaling – Scaling entails the removal of plaque and tartar (calculus) from the tooth surfaces and beneath the gumline. We use specialized dental instruments, typically ultrasonic scalers and hand scalers, to safely and painlessly remove all unwanted plaque and tartar. Prior to the procedure, we use local anesthetic to numb the area and ensure a comfortable experience.

Step 2: Root Planing – Root planing then smoothens the tooth roots. This crucial step helps encourage the gums to heal and reattach to the teeth,

Using this approach, Dr. Gupta is able to effectively reduce pocket depths, mitigate inflammation, and halt the progression of gum disease.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Halts Disease Progression: By removing harmful bacteria and tartar, this treatment directly combats the cause of gum disease.

Reduces Inflammation and Bleeding: Patients often experience reduced gum inflammation and bleeding post-treatment.

Prevents Tooth Loss: Early intervention with scaling and root planing can prevent the more severe consequences of gum disease, including tooth loss.

Improves Oral Hygiene: The procedure makes daily oral hygiene practices more effective, as cleaner teeth are easier to maintain.

What will I feel after a deep cleaning?

The recovery from scaling and root planing is typically swift, with patients able to return to normal activities almost immediately. Some may experience mild sensitivity or soreness, which generally subsides within a few days. Still, we provide tailored aftercare instructions to support optimal healing and ongoing gum health.

Are you a good candidate for Scaling and Root Planing?

Dr. Gupta and her team will assess your suitability for scaling and root planing based on several factors, including: the depth of gum pockets, the extent of gum inflammation, and your overall oral health.

This assessment typically involves a comprehensive examination, which may include:

Visual Inspection: Dr. Gupta visually examines the gums for signs of inflammation, redness, swelling, and bleeding.

Periodontal Charting: This involves measuring the depth of the pockets around each tooth using a special tool called a periodontal probe. Pocket depths greater than 5 millimeters can indicate periodontal disease and may necessitate scaling and root planing.

Assessing Gum Recession: The extent of gum recession is evaluated, as this can also be an indicator of the severity of gum disease.

Diagnostic Imaging: In certain cases, diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or digital radiographs, may be used. X-rays can show the level of bone support around the teeth and reveal areas of bone loss due to periodontal disease.

Other Non-Surgical Options

In addition to scaling and root planning, there are other non-surgical options we may recommend as a part of your comprehensive gum disease treatment plan. These can include antimicrobial mouth rinses, localized antibiotic therapy, systemic antibiotics and lifestyle modifications to support oral health.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Smile

Scaling and root planing is perhaps the most common non-surgical periodontal treatment available today. It’s simple, safe, and effective. It also plays a crucial role in managing gum disease and improving your long-term oral health.

Do you think you could benefit from periodontal treatment? Call (551) 751-2024 to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a healthier smile. You’ll be glad you did.

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